Welcome to the Seaspan Vancouver Drydock Community Survey!

In the summer of 2021, Seaspan gathered feedback from the community on its proposed water lot project at Vancouver Drydock. These activities are summarized in the Water Lot Engagement Summary Report, available under Learn More on the project website and on the port authority's website.

In response to feedback provided by the community, Seaspan is proposing a number of adjustments and changes (mitigations) to the proposed project and to the existing operations.

Seaspan is now undertaking the additional, supplemental public engagement on the proposed project mitigations. The goal of this survey is to get your opinions about Seaspan's proposed mitigations.

Here is where we are now in the PER process:

PER process

How Your Feedback Will Be Used

Seaspan will use feedback from this survey to inform its Consideration Report, which describes what feedback was heard and how Seaspan is responding to the feedback. This report will be provided to the port authority as part of its Project & Environmental Review (PER) permit application review process.

Heads Up! Before You Begin the Survey

This survey covers several aspects of drydock operations that may not be familiar to you, and a certain level of technical detail is necessary to describe the proposed mitigations fully. We have included photos and links to resources throughout the survey to help give you enough information to provide informed feedback.

Please know all your responses will remain confidential and your identity anonymous. The survey will be open from July 27 to September 14, 2022. Seaspan has contracted with an independent, third-party market research company to carry out this survey.

If you have questions or concerns about the survey, please contact Seaspan at For any technical questions, please contact

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